Once the home pregnancy test turned out to be positive, I shared it with my husband.

After a day or two, I called my eldest sister and told her about the positive result. Obviously, she was happy, but, told me to wait for few more days before sharing the news. She even suggested to wait for few days before visiting any gynecologist.

She said that, “you have conceived, after so many years of  your marriage, so better be confirmed before giving any hope and miscommunication.”
So I waited for the month to end and then consulted a gynaecologist. To my surprise, my doctor said not to spread the news to anyone and everyone. She suggested to wait for first trimester to be over.
My husband and I decided to share it with our parents, as they deserve to know. I don’t remember whether we called my in-laws or my parents first, but I remember their responses.

In our society, “Get pregnant”; is one pressure that a woman faces immediately after marriage. Most of the time mother-in-law pressurize their daughter in-law. In my case, it was my family, after us. My mother in law never ever said about baby planning, maybe, because she was aware, that my husband never dream of having a child.

My mother in-law cried hearing the news and said, it was the best gift,I ever gave her. My mother was very happy and she started giving advice. Now, it was their responsibility,to share with other family members.

Among friends, Khushboo, my childhood friend,was the first person to know and that too in the second month itself. She is a friend so distant, yet close to my heart.

Rest, extended family members gradually got the news, mostly after first trimester.


Vijay Sales Store is an Indian Electronics Retail Store, since 1967. Recently, I was invited to Vijay Sales Store in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. They have recently opened a modular kitchen display called Kitchen Studioz at 3rd floor. I was amazed to see that the store is now a one-stop shop for all your requirements of appliances and kitchenware.
Who would not want to revamp his/her kitchen into sleek, stylish, fashionable yet comfortable and technologically upgraded one. Modular kitchen with space management and easy functionality is only possible when we select the right appliances, that are multi-functional and match our kitchen interior.
There are so many things to do in our daily routine, so as a mom, I would want to finish my cooking and other chores as soon as possible. I cannot imagine my life without a food processor, it is one multifunctional product that saves my time like anything and also it saves kitchen space as, I can let go off many appliances and make space for unique new appliance at my home.

Now after my visit to Vijay Sales store, I could see so many such options that could be replaced from my kitchen and help me to decrease the mess in the kitchen and hasten my work with stylish look. I came across many varieties of national and international products at Vijay Sales Kitchen Studio, at Prabhadevi. You can find hobs and chimneys, built in appliances, small appliances, pots and pans, coffee machine, dishwasher, microwave and more. They have variety of hobs including ceramic, domino, gas etc. There are so many decorative chimney with variety of color, pattern, style; wall mount, stainless steel hood chimney with auto clean facilities, mesh filters etc.   Name an electronic product for your kitchen, and you will find them there, be it toasters, electric kettles, food processor, juicer, induction cook-top, blender, air fryer, rice cooker, Otg, popcorn maker, egg boiler etc.

There are many brands, like, Faber, Hafele, Elica, Whirpool, Sunflame, WonderChef, DeLonghi, USHA, Bajaj etc. available in the store. So the wide range of pricing and excellent quality are available. There is a finance section also, which can help to buy products at EMI. They also come out with variety of discount offers and exchange schemes from time to time. The ambience of the store and the helping attitude of aware staffs helps you to make quick and easy purchase decision.
The modern, compact yet spacious presentation of variety of products of different categories made me feel that, my dream kitchen can become true.

Video credits to Vijay Sales


IMG_20160926_192412 (2).jpg

My average period cycle was 32 days. It was on 37th day, I went to medical store to buy home pregnancy kit. I knew it was too early to test, but I was anxious. My heart and mind was restless , I was not able to sleep , to wait till morning for first urine sample.

I saw the clock, it was 2 a.m . My husband was working on his laptop in the living room. I decided to take the test. My heart was pounding. Finally, the result, two pink lines, and, I started crying, “It’s POSITIVE”. I rechecked the lines, one was light and the other was dark, still two lines. I crossed my fingers, hoped that the result was correct.

After the test, the first thing, that came to my mind was, how to tell about it to my husband. I was not able to keep it within myself, I have to share it. I went to him, and said, dear, can you come along with me for few minutes. It was strange for him, so he immediately came to our bedroom. I showed him the kit and said , “I am expecting”. he saw it and said , “are you sure” and hugged me.

I said, as per this test, yes, but will confirm once again. Thank GOD, the pregnancy kit gave the perfect report.

The chapter of Motherhood began.